Habit Launch Author’s Sample Case Study: Introduction

I use system I teach in my book, Habit Launch for five years. But what I used ago was not the same final blueprint I use now. Why? Because during those five years, my approach to habits evolved.

First, I used methods presented by others, but meager effects I saw.

Then, depending more on intuition, I combined emotional and rational principles into one coherent strategy; and things got better.

Later, I added even more improvements, one at a time. The system developed steadily for about a year; and the results of my habit challenges were the best in my life. But the system had a flaw.

Its explaining was difficult. For anyone except me my unstructured notes looked like magical runes that need to be translated. Of course, I was the only person who could do it, but I seldom welcomed such a demanding, repetitive work. Fortunately, the way to fix this problem struck into my head- if I write a book, I can do it once.

So I structured all my notes and wrote a book. It was surprising how simple and beginner-friendly became my complex methodology when put on paper. I looked with a delight on the system, but also noticed something embarrassing.

I have never used all the components of my own blueprint to create a single, chosen habit. Previously, I simply skipped elements when convenient, and never used the entire system for a single case. Now I am going to fix this issue.

Moreover, I will report the progress on this blog and briefly describe you the Habit Launch’s core methodology including:

Picking the habit
Analysis of the habit
Comparison vs doing-nothing

I split the case study to make it easier to create, but also to read. Now, you can choose whether to pick the topic from the list, or to follow the articles orderly to get the entire case study of one-man struggle to create a particular habit.

Want more?

This article supplements my book: “Habit Launch: 10-Step Formula to Tailor Routines You Love to Perform and Skyrocket Your Well-being” by Gregor Moniuszko. For checking it out, click here.

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